One Direction's Shower Habits + Other Important Things We Learned In Their Seventeen Interview

One Direction reveal their shower habits and more in their Seventeen magazine cover issue.

This is actually a pretty accurate representation of our minds, TBH.

Just when you thought it was safe to think about the lads of One Direction in public, the British-Irish boy band goes ahead and reveals a bunch o' steamy secrets to Seventeen magazine. FYI, when we say "steamy," we mean "literally STEE-MAY" -- as in, they talk about what they do when they're in the shower. Aaaaaaaand, collapse.

Six waves of our 1D brand smelling salts later, and we're back on our feet! Landing five individual covers of the mag's December/ January issue (plus the group shot up top for those Directioners who don't wanna choose), the "Story Of My Life" singers get all cute and candid in their revealing new interview.

Check out all six Seventeen magazine covers featuring One Direction, plus highlights from the interview after the jump.

Check out all 6 of One Direction's steamy Seventeen magazine covers.


Now on to that steamy Seventeen interview. When asked if he sings in the shower, Harry responded matter-of-factly: "We all do! We can sometimes hear Liam through the wall." Well, now we've got TWO reasons to wanna hop in the shower with Harry.

Oh, and you'll never guess what Zayn revealed to the publication. When asked to name the one product he can't live without, the EMA winner cut straight to the point: "Lotion -- you have to stay smooth." OMG, that's so funny! What a coincidence. The one thing we can't hear without immediately slipping into a coma afterward is that "Zayn Malik uses lotion to stay smooth."

Zayn Malik of One Direction uses lotion to stay smooth, and WE JUST CAN'T.

Photo credit: Calvin Aurand, Seventeen / GIF: Reaction GIFs