Selena Gomez Talks Moving To L.A. + Stardom In Thirty Seconds To Mars' 'City Of Angels' Bonus Video

Watch Selena Gomez's short "City Of Angels" clip.

She's not that innocent!

Sooo, maybe you've seen Thirty Seconds To Mars' star-studded "City Of Angels" video? As in, their visual ode to L.A. featuring every famous face from Kanye West to Lindsay Lohan to James Franco to Selena Gomez? Of course you saw it!

The video's celebrity confessionals were not only surprisingly intimate, but now we totally understand why 30STM and their esteemed director, "Bartholomew Cubbins," have such a soft spot for the West Coast (even if we're staunch New Yorkers).

That said, here's another special treat courtesy of, ahem, Bartholomew: 30STM has just revealed a bonus "City Of Angels" cut featuring only Selena Gomez! Watch below as the 20-year-old diva delves into when she first moved to L.A., her rise to fame, and how she deals with being labeled a "goody-goody" and "boring."

Watch Selena Gomez in Thirty Seconds To Mars' extended "City Of Angels" video after the jump.

In Selena's revealing clip, the "Come & Get It" singer describes her move to L.A. and how her mom encouraged her acting career from the start. "I picked up my entire life," said Selena. "I moved [away] from my biological father, and I just went with my mom, and we got a loft in downtown L.A."

Selena continued: "My mom has always allowed me to be who I want to be. She always let me do what I want to do. That's how I want to be. I look up to my mom. I want to be my mom."

But, as any L.A.-based celeb can attest, things can get sticky when you want to, oh, I don't know, go outside for an innocent cup of coffee. "You get your first paparazzi, and you get your first fan letter, and it's all super exciting. Then, it just got very weird very fast. It became about where I was going to eat, and who I was meeting up with."

Then, of course, there's the incessant celebrity culture judgment: "I think they think I'm goody-goody, I'm boring. Then I'm a fame whore. I use people. So, then there's that," said Selena, scoffing.

Pshhhh, ummmmmmm, no! If anyone seems down-to-earth and the polar OPPOSITE of a "fame whore," it's Selena! Because would a "fame whore" have this kind of never-give-up attitude?

"I think it's important to have dreams," said Selena. "I want to strive for more, so I think they're important. You have the right intention, you want to go do what you want to do, then go do it. And work really hard." AMEN!

+ Watch Selena Gomez in Thirty Seconds To Mars' extended "City Of Angels" video.

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