Justin Bieber's 'All Bad' Lyric Video Has Us Weeping From Tear Ducts We Never Knew Existed

Watch Justin Bieber's "All Bad" lyric video.

This Justin Bieber clip is brought to you by #FEELINGS.

Have you seen Justin Bieber's new lyric video for "All Bad"? Well, this is embarrassing for me! I just HATE it when my boyfriend -- YES, WORLD, MY BOYFRIEND -- airs our dirty laundry out in public like this. It's just, like, keep the problems in our passionate, steamy roller coaster of a relationship behind closed doors, OK? *sighs louder so the strangers on the subway car will listen* Maybe when you date someone mega-famous and handsome, you'll understand?

But seriously, I am dating Justin Bieber Justin's newest clip is one for the record books. Seeing the young superstar's lyrics ("I might make you mad/ So mad, my bad/ But I ain't all bad") spring to life in a dynamic fuchsia font is making us weep like we've never wept before. No really, like, we thought we were sweating at first. Can someone call a doctor? We're pretty sure arms shouldn't be crying.

Watch Justin Bieber's "All Bad" lyric video after the jump.

At least we're not alone in the tears department! By the looks of the official "Believe" film trailer, even Justin gets in on the crying action at one point. Oh no, you're getting your 'stache wet! Awwww, c'mere, buddy. We'll make you hot chocolate, quiz each other on what different South American flags look like, and watch every film in the Will Ferrell canon to cheer you up. 'Kay? 'Kay.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's "All Bad" lyric video, and check out the "Believe" trailer on MTV News.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam