Demi Lovato And Fifth Harmony Get Real Cute With An 'X Factor' Group Photo

Demi Lovato and FIfth Harmony strike a pose backstage at "The X Factor."

Our inner Lovatic/ Harmonizer is skuh-REAMING right now.

Demi Lovato sure loves her some Fifth Harmony. For real, she's even bringing them out on the road for her upcoming "Neon Lights" Tour, along with Little Mix and Cher Lloyd! So of COURSE Demi was totally pumped to see the fab five return to "The X Factor" last night to perform "Me & My Girls"! Oh, and what's an "X Factor" visit without a cheeky pose-a-thon backstage? NOTHING.

Demi took to Twitter to document the 5H love-splosion, sharing the moment with all her Lovatics-turned-Harmonizers. "Me and my girls!!!! @FifthHarmony," Demi captioned. "OMFGBWARRGH," our hearts replied.

Seriously, we would've given ANYTHING to be a fly on that backstage wall. The girls probably told Demi how they thought her glittery '80s-inspired hair was to DIE for, and the "Neon Lights" singer probably gave the girls some advice on how to stay healthy while on tour! (Basically just chug EmergenC, we're guessing.)

Oh, and as if this girl group moment couldn't get any better, did you know that all six of these powerhouse vocalists are collaborating on a Spice Girls cover? That's right, a SPICE GIRLS COVER. Ah! Because the only thing better than Fifth Harmony resurrecting the Spice Girls is Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato resurrecting the Spice Girls! #GirlPowah

Photo credit: @ddlovato