Star Spotting: Macklemore's New Grill Wins Him Some Major Badass Points (PHOTO)

Check out Macklemore's badass new grill!

You may need to adjust your screen brightness, 'cause Mack's new grill has SO MUCH SPARKLE.

What's the best way that Macklemore could have possibly celebrated winning the Best New EMA? Eating an ice-cream cone? Rolling around on the floor with kittens? Rolling around on the floor with kittens while eating an ice-cream cone? We can only hope. But we definitely know for sure that he recently hit up his local jeweler's for a blinged-out new grill worthy of his total badass status.

Along with pondering how many effing karats are in the "White Walls" rapper's blinding accessory, we also wonder how a busy guy like Mack even finds the time to go shopping?? Luckily, his Instagram photo caption explains the secret to his crazy scheduling: "Getting a grill and talking on the phone at the same damn time. #multitask." So, you know, it's called talent.

Most of all, we're just relieved that he opted to go with a brand-new grill and didn't pick up his new mouthpiece at the thrift shop. I mean, we're all about popping tags at secondhand stores to save some cash (not that he needs to considering how he sold out Madison Square Garden this week), but buying a used grill that has been in someone else's mouth? That's just naaaaasty.

Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram