Incredibly, This Baby Photo Of Ariana Grande Is Even More Mind-Bogglingly Adorable Than We Could've Even Predicted

Ariana Grande was the most adorable, waving baby we've ever seen!

Even as a baby, Ariana Grande liked to put on a show!

So here's a question: Have you EVER seen a waving baby before? Sure, babies sometimes make flailing hand motions that kind of look like a wave. But a baby making a straight-up, deliberate wave motion? #RARE #COORDINATION

According to the above Flashback Friday/Throwback Thursday pic Ariana Grande posted to her Instagram, she was totally a waving baby prodigy!! Would you just look at that hand placement?! It's like she's doing a primitive form of the pageant wave!

Sharing the old-school #TBT ('sup, Polaroid!!) of her waving baby self (sitting next to her smiley bro, Frankie Grande, we might add), Ariana captioned, "#tbt oh my god @frankiejgrande." Yes. We concur.

Closing thoughts? This photo is sooo prime! Not only does it reveal that the "Right There" singer once had a mini-mohawk, but this photo is early evidence that Ariana is a born performer. Obviously baby Ari wasn't content to simply smile for the camera -- she couldn't resist throwing in some jazz hand(s), too.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram

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