7 Ways Rihanna’s ‘What Now’ Video Is A Remake Of ‘The Craft’

We TOLD YOU Rihanna’s “What Now” video would be “The Craft” all over again.

When Rihanna hinted that her “What Now” video would be all things “eerie, creepy, and demented,” BOY WAS SHE NOT KIDDING. And now that we’ve actually seen the blessed (er, damned?) clip, we can fully concur that not only is “What Now” all things “eerie, creepy, and demented,” but it’s also a straight-up remake of the 1996 cult film “The Craft”! (Starring only Rihanna. And some pissed-off bugs.)

Don’t believe us? Well, if Rihanna’s all-black-everything wardrobe and crucifix jewelry hasn’t convinced you that “What Now” is crazier than Fairuza Balk in a mental hospital, then please, by all means, let us elaborate. Ready? LET THE WITCHING HOUR BEGIN.

1.) All-black-goth-everything and crucifix jewelry: Gotta look the part.

2.) Multiple Rihannas: Someone’s definitely invoking the power of Manon.

3.) Backless dresses: Showin’ off some skin… almost like someone recently had scars removed!

See? Scar-free.

Check out more ways Rihanna’s “What Now” video is just like “The Craft” after the jump.

4.) Convulsing (aka casting spells): “Hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of the East, the powers of air and invention. Hear me! Us! Hear us!”

5.) Animals going bananas!!




To do… y’know… do Mother Nature things.

We are the weirdos, Mister.

+ Watch Rihanna’s “What Now” video.

Photo credit: Interscope, Columbia Pictures, IGN/ GIF: Tumblr