Please Drop Everything And Enjoy Max George In His Underwear And All Of The Feelings That Come With That (PHOTO)

Attention! Max George is shirtless, posing suggestively in Buffalo underwear!

Max George posing in his undies makes us feel ALL THE GOOD TINGLES.

ATTN, laydeeez!!! And dudes!!! And anyone who likes attractive British men posing suggestively in their undies! The Wanted's Max George is posing half-naked in a new ad for Buffalo underwear, and you're gonna wanna take a long, hard look. Like, really commit this photo to memory. Or print it out and hang it above your bed, Instagram it, make it your Twitter avi, whatever.

Check out more photos of Max George modeling Buffalo underwear after the jump.

Now, we've already alerted you to the fact that the "We Own The Night" crooner is the new face of Buffalo jeans, but did you know that he's also the abs and pelvic area of Buffalo underwear?? (OK, bad joke. But, like, how can we not be thinking about his pelvic region when it's RIGHT THERE STARING US IN THE FACE?)

As you can clearly see from the OOC images of Max sitting in a worn-in leather chair somewhere on the lush grounds of a New York estate, he's doing a bang-up job of showcasing the company's, erhhhm, products.

Attention! Max George is shirtless, posing suggestively in Buffalo underwear!

Max gets his best thinking done in undies. 

Also, these Max-in-his-skivvies photos pair perfectly with the fantasies we had after feeling "special feelings"/ thinking "adult thoughts" about Max's pre-bed selfie? Wait. You too? Don't blush! You're not alone! We're all in this "politely objectify Max George" ship together!

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Photo credit: Buffalo David Bitton