Rihanna Celebrates Her Brother's Birthday With Some Throwback Thursday GOLD! (PHOTOS)

Check out these throwback Thursday photos of Rihanna with her brother!

HBD, Rorrey, but you better give Ri a slice -- AND FAST.

You know how there are some people who just, like, have not changed from the day they were born -- they've just gained a couple thousand more words in their vocabulary? Well, by the looks of this Throwback Thursday photo that Rihanna posted to Instagram, the "What Now" singer is definitely one of those people!

Along with the pic, posted in celebration of her brother Rorrey's birthday, Rihanna captioned: "Pi$$ed that it ain't my birthday!!! Happy birthday Rorrey!" Awww, that adorable li'l kid scowl and #AllPastelPinkEverything ensemble are breaking our hearts into a million cute-obsessed pieces. Can you really blame baby Ri for glaring at the birthday boy, though? She just wanted that cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake-cake.

Check out more #TBT photos of Rihanna with her brother after the jump.

Check out these Throwback Thursday photos of Rihanna with her brother!

Little buddiiiiiies! So cute.

In another, decidedly less grumpy photo of the Fenty sibs, Rihanna captioned: "All #pink everything!!! Thuggin wit my partner in crime!!! @gallest HAPPY BIRTHDAY bro!!!! You make me proud to be your sister!!! You're a real man, and a true blessing!!!" Oh no, they're back! We thought we'd AWWWW'd our last AWWWW, but... oh no... we just... AWWWWWWWWWW.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram