Sia's 'Elastic Heart' Video Featuring Diplo + The Weeknd: Watch A Chain-Smoking Sia Look-Alike Give Love The Middle Finger

Watch Sia's "Elastic Heart" video featuring The Weeknd and Diplo.

Sia enlists a blonde bobbed stand-in for her "Elastic Heart" video.

It takes "thick skin and an elastic heart" to go through a breakup, but you're gonna need both to make it through Sia's "Elastic Heart" video.

The heartbreaking song, featuring a typically crestfallen verse from The Weeknd and an emotive production loop from Diplo, gets an even heartbreak-ier story (what? that's a word) in the video here.

Watch Sia's "Elastic Heart" video featuring The Weeknd and Diplo after the jump.

"And another one bites the dust/ Oh, why can I not conquer love?/ And I might have thought that we were one/ wanted to fight this war without weapons," Ms. Sia Kate Isobelle Furler sings over clattering percussion and rousing strings, setting the tone for the tale of pushing and pulling against someone you love, or thought you did, anyway.

Metaphoric lyrics like "Love is a battlefield" also make the song a good fit for the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrackAnd we thought Sia's last collaboration with Eminem was a tearjerker.

In the video, a gorgeously blonde-bobbed Sia stand-in goes through the sad motions of a breakup, with all the attendant chain-smoking and incessant outfit changes that it often entails.

Things might not have worked out the way she and her ex-boyfriend wanted, but there is a happy ending after all, because no matter what happens, you can always stand up and tell the world to eff off. An elastic heart is good, but sometimes elastic middle fingers work even better.

+ Watch Sia's "Elastic Heart" video featuring The Weeknd and Diplo.

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