Is This Miley Cyrus, Or Uma Thurman In 'Pulp Fiction'? (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus has straight morphed into Uma Thurman from 'Pulp Fiction'!

Miley Cyrus, or Uma Thurman from "Pulp Fiction"? HARD TO TELL!! 

We know Miley Cyrus totally slayed Halloween this year with her DEAD-ON Lil' Kim costume, but per the above photo of Miley rocking a blonde bob/FULL ON channeling Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction," it looks like she's already got next year's costume on lock! Like, dead ringer for Uma! BOOM. Bye! Miley Cyrus has won Halloween again, and this time one ENTIRE year early. (Even though she's, ya know, blonde. #Whatever #Technicalities.)


Victory dance!

Check out more photos of  a wig-wearing Miley after the jump! 

Miley must've had a bit of spare time in between performing at the 2013 MTV EMA and covering Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness," because the "Wrecking Ball" singer and her makeup artist, Denika Bedrossian, spent a recent afternoon just bein' bored and tryin' on wigs. Throw in some baked ziti and a trip to Barneys, and Miley's sounds like the best afternoon we've never had. (Note to self: Play hooky more often.)

Miley Cyrus is totally chaneling Uma Thurman from "Pulp Fiction."

Sharing her afternoon activity on Twitter, Miley captioned: "Bored playing with wigzzz." Like we were saying... best afternoon we've never had.

Now, really, where the eff is noted wig enthusiast Nicki Minaj at times like these?! Or Lady Gaga?? Per our calculations, two wig aficionados make a wig party, and three wig aficionados make a total WIG RAGER! SRY, WE'RE WIGGING OUT. (AHHHH STOP SAYING "WIG.")

Miley Cyrus has straight morphed into Uma Thurman from 'Pulp Fiction'!

Did Uma Thurman copyright this look? 

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