The Wonder Years Pay Tribute To Old-School Pop Punk, Wear Hearts On Proverbial Sleeves In Their 'There, There' Video

Watch The Wonder Years' "There, There" video.

The Wonder Years scream apologies for being "awkward and nervous" in "There, There."

If you've spent, oh, I dunno, the last decade wondering, "What the hell happened to pop punk?", then please feast your eyes on The Wonder Years' "There, There" video -- and then listen to the Philly band's entire 2013 LP, The Greatest Generation. Then rinse and repeat.

The Wonder Years, a five-piece emo throwback project led by Dan "Soupy" Campbell, don't put much energy into scene aesthetics or a distracting dance-pop overlay (COUGHpanicatthediscoCOUGH). Instead, these dudes look like they just rolled out of bed, threw on a T-shirt, Chucks, and a hoodie, said "no" to shaving that day, and sat down to write a few lyrics about last night's awkward moment(s) at [insert social engagement here].

Now, in their brand-new "There, There" video, The Wonder Years continue to channel their trademark old-school pop-punk/emo energy, and the result is disarmingly genuine.

Watch The Wonder Years' "There, There" video after the jump.

Opening with a close-up of Soupy singing the opening verse, "There, There" rapidly splices together a piece of every band member's face so that they're (sort of) singing in unison. It's like a very emo puzzle.

As the track breaks through to the chorus, the guys convene in a dark, dusty warehouse, rock out, and scream apologies for being so damn awkward and nervous: "I'M SORRY I DON'T LAUGH AT THE RIGHT TIMES. IS THIS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE?"

Although "There, There" is short (the entire clip clocks in at 2:33), its effect is powerful -- especially that last shot of an empty performance space with a clothesline of heart-shaped cutout T-shirts. Are we feeling #angsty yet? Watch the video below, and please excuse me for the rest of the day -- I need to burn mix CDs and ride my bike past my crush's house.

+ Watch The Wonder Years' "There, There" video, and see the band perform an acoustic rendition of "Dismantling Summer" on Buzzworthy Live.


Photo credit: Hopeless Records