The Wonder Years Pay Tribute To Old-School Pop Punk, Wear Hearts On Proverbial Sleeves In Their ‘There, There’ Video

The Wonder Years scream apologies for being “awkward and nervous” in “There, There.”

If you’ve spent, oh, I dunno, the last decade wondering, “What the hell happened to pop punk?”, then please feast your eyes on The Wonder Years’ “There, There” video — and then listen to the Philly band’s entire 2013 LP, The Greatest Generation. Then rinse and repeat.

The Wonder Years, a five-piece emo throwback project led by Dan “Soupy” Campbell, don’t put much energy into scene aesthetics or a distracting dance-pop overlay (COUGHpanicatthediscoCOUGH). Instead, these dudes look like they just rolled out of bed, threw on a T-shirt, Chucks, and a hoodie, said “no” to shaving that day, and sat down to write a few lyrics about last night’s awkward moment(s) at [insert social engagement here].

Now, in their brand-new “There, There” video, The Wonder Years continue to channel their trademark old-school pop-punk/emo energy, and the result is disarmingly genuine.

Watch The Wonder Years’ “There, There” video after the jump.

Opening with a close-up of Soupy singing the opening verse, “There, There” rapidly splices together a piece of every band member’s face so that they’re (sort of) singing in unison. It’s like a very emo puzzle.

As the track breaks through to the chorus, the guys convene in a dark, dusty warehouse, rock out, and scream apologies for being so damn awkward and nervous: “I’M SORRY I DON’T LAUGH AT THE RIGHT TIMES. IS THIS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE?”

Although “There, There” is short (the entire clip clocks in at 2:33), its effect is powerful — especially that last shot of an empty performance space with a clothesline of heart-shaped cutout T-shirts. Are we feeling #angsty yet? Watch the video below, and please excuse me for the rest of the day — I need to burn mix CDs and ride my bike past my crush’s house.

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