MTV Artist To Watch: Meet U.K. Alt-Pop Players The 1975 + Download Their Rollicking Pop Ballad 'Sex'

Meet The 1975, your new British pop-rock obsession.

Meet your new Brit rock obsession: The 1975.

Manchester pop-rock outfit The 1975 aren't too British to talk frankly about sex. In fact, quite the opposite. In their rollicking track of the same name, Matt Healy wonders out loud if there's any point in fooling around with a lady's who's got, as he puts it, "a boyfriend, anyway." Lame!

But the band shouldn't worry too much about their relationship status -- their career's taking off! I mean, if your debut album went No. 1 on the U.K. Albums Chart AND simultaneously beat out Nine Inch Nails' comeback album, would you spend any time worrying about that chick with a boyfriend? Nope.

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Together since 2002, lead singer Healy, guitarist Adam Hann, drummer George Daniel, and bassist Ross MacDonald met as teenagers in high school and quickly got to work playing covers of their favorite punk songs. Today, the quartet are signed to Vagrant/Interscope and have moved on to slick yet quirky alt-rock tracks with an R&B edge that are heavy on the hooks and light on taking anyone -- or anything -- too seriously.

In the mid-tempo, melody-driven "Chocolate," the band's current Top 40 single, The 1975 use lyrics to bring up memories of younger days, presumably spent causing innocent mischief: "Yeah we're dressed in black, from head to toe, we've got guns hidden under our petticoats/ We're never gonna quit it, no we're never gonna quit it no."

Meanwhile, in their video for "Girls," the band run through a series of stereotypical "rock star" scenarios: They chill on lounge chairs with bikini-clad models, hand their instruments off to lingerie-clad models, and manage to crash their car with some more models in tow. Sure, their heavy British accents and Healy's mohawk might suggest a too-cool-for-school rock star vibe, but, in reality, they're just a crew of down-to-earth mates with a penchant for John Hughes films.

About their recently released debut LP (which came after a slew of EPs), Healy told Louder Than War, "[The album] is a soundtrack. It's as if John Hughes directed a movie about our life and we did the soundtrack. We want people to feel when they listen to our records the same way we felt when we watched his movies and listened to the records we really cared about. It is not a literal documentation, not a clinical representation but a romanticized version of actual events."

So, what's next for The 1975? Well, in addition to being named MTV's latest Artist To Watch, the lads are touring all over the world, from November through March. Catch them in NYC at Webster Hall on Dec. 17 before they head back to the U.K., or, if you'd rather enjoy them in the privacy of your own room, find their debut album here on iTunes.

+ Download The 1975's "Sex, " watch The 1975 perform "Sex," "Chocolate," and "Girls," and see the band explain the indie sound of "Sex."

Photo credit: Vagrant/Interscope

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