Star Spotting: Harry Styles Celebrated His Sister’s Graduation By Taking A Cheesy-Cute Siblings Portrait! (PHOTOS)

What a lovely backdrop you’ve got there!

Yesterday, Harry Styles of One Direction’s big sister, Gemma, did something amazing. Well, two things. For one, she graduated from Sheffield Hallam University! And two, she somehow managed to look quite lovely in her grad garb! Do you know how hard that is? Literally, there aren’t enough free Chanel bags in the entire UNIVERSE that’ll entice me to drape myself in a bright purple robe, bright purple hat, and generally look all bright purple hideous — again.

Naturally, Gemma’s sweet younger bro and his voluminous hair were on hand to help her celebrate by taking a Styles siblings portrait — in front of a very TROUBLED backdrop, we might add. Like, are we trying to mimic a cloudy afternoon here? Or, maybe just a gray piece of paper with some random Wite-Out splotches? Either way, it’a a total #SearsPortrait nightmare.

Check out more photos of Harry Styles at his sister’s graduation after the jump.

Tacky backdrop aside, Sheffield was SO thrilled to have the hunky “Story Of My Life” singer at their graduation, that they took the liberty of tweeting the pic out, captioning: “Congratulations to @GemmaAnneStyles on her degree and a warm Sheffield welcome to her brother @Harry_Styles too!

Can we touch? Thx.

Oh, and the university even went so far as to straight stalk the Styles clan capture this adorable shot of Harry and his mum waiting for Gemma to receive her degree. Anyway, congrats Gemma! Not just for the diploma, but for being one of the lucky few who actually looks like an attractive, non-blob-tastic human being in a cap and gown! Must be that damn Styles DNA everyone is on about.

Photo credit: @sheffhallamuni

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