Did Taylor Swift And Lorde Actually Go On A Shake Shack Date? OMFG! (PHOTOS)

Lorde and Taylor Swift actually hung out together in Central Park!

Lorde? Taylor? 'Zatchu guys??

OK, so are we all agreed that we're actually seeing this before our eyes? Like, country-pop princess Taylor Swift and Kiwi gloom kween Lorde are actually casually chilling in this photo above, right? Are we dreaming? Quick, somebody pinch us! OH RIGHT PINCHING HURTS STOP PINCHING STAHHHHP.

Blanking on why this is a big deal? Buhhh, OK, well there's no point digging too deep into the recent past, but let's just say that Lorde and Taylor Swift aren't exactly known for being besties. And now, they're reportedly om-nom-nomming together all cute-like at the Shake Shack in NYC's Madison Square Park? Dang, guys, we knew that burgers and milkshakes were truly magical healing properties, but... Dang.

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The admittedly blurry photo up top was snapped by a casual passerby and/ or professional Susie Stalker who then tweeted the pic to her followers. As you'd imagine, we were immediately cynical -- JK, we were crying hysterically doing "Three Stooges"-style floor circles because we just wanted to believe so hard.

What, it's not that implausible! Taylor's been in New York rehearsing for her upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show performance, and Lorde played the "Late Show With David Letterman" last night. (Nancy Drew, who?)

Taylor Swift totally chilled with Lorde today.

But luckily, we may have found proof that that's more likely than not Taylor in the Twitpic. Check out this paparazzi shot of Tay-Tay on the way to the VSFS venue. The moss green trousers? The Edwardian lace-up booties? The red leather bag? THAT AURA OF PERFECT LADY-NESS? C'mon.

However, the jury's still out on whether that's Lorde in the photo with Taylor or just some young woman dressed up and styled to look LITERALLY EXACTLY LIKE LORDE. For the sake of our pop-loving hearts, however, we're just gonna go ahead believing that two of our faves totally had a milk shake date. The glow, we are basking in it.

Photo credit: @tkconcepcion, Splash News