Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Serves Iridescent Beanie Baby Unicorn Realness! (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga may or may not have taken a style cue from a Beanie Baby.

Gaga may or may not have taken a style cue from our fave Beanie Baby.

Seen here strutting around New York City, Lady Gaga is giving us some major Beanie Baby flashbacks! To save you the trouble of digging through that staggering collection of those infamous stuffed critters you keep stored in your parents' attic, we'll just go ahead and tell you which plushie we mean. That iridescent dress? That white mane of hair? Why, Gagaloo IS Mystic the unicorn!

Lady Gaga looks SO MUCH like Mystic the Beanie Baby unicorn.

One second I'm a Beanie, then suddenly the Beanie's meeeeeee!

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We think the sartorial risk totally makes sense, though. Gaga's new album, ARTPOP, is all about combining everything art with everything pop, right? So now, after channeling everyone from Marina Abramovic to Jeff Koons, the "Do What U Want" singer naturally takes the next logical step, turning to those freaking toys that nearly tore your family apart in elementary school. (And you thought nothing would ever top her flying dress? Puh-leez.)

We know what you're thinking: "Please let this bit of unicorn fierceness be available in the ARTPOP Pop-Up shop!" Unfortunately, we're gonna guess that it's not. But don't let that bummer distract from what's really important: blasting Gaga's new album while you strut around at home in your very own hand-stitched Beanie Baby couture.

What? You don't want to ruin the plush li'l cuties because you STILL think those things are gonna be worth the money everyone promised they'd be worth back in the day?!?! LOL TIMES INFINITY.

Photo credit: Splash News, Republic Jewelry