Lily Allen's 'Hard Out Here': Sit Down, Shut Up, And Watch This Flawless Feminist Video (NSFW)

Watch Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here" video.

"There's a glass ceiling to break," but Lily will happily settle with annihilating it.

After taking a few years off from the mainstream, Lily Allen is officially back in the public eye -- our public eyes are WEEPING buckets of salty liquid joy, obviously. With the video for "Hard Out Here," Allen's brand of dry brutal honesty delivered in an ethereal lilt is back in full force, and this time she's unleashed it on the music industry at-large. Dust off your kneeling mats, 'cause you're about to #BowDown.

Watch Lily Allen's NSFW "Hard Out Here" video after the jump.

Playing off of Three-6-Mafia's "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp," Ms. Lily uses her flawless feminist might to call out those who perpetuate the pop world's double standards -- the record execs who've never been more confused than when confronted with woman over a size 6, for example.

The Christopher Sweeney-directed clip takes this message to the next level, self-awarely underscoring blatant product placement, singling out who controls the vast majority of media we consume (old white men, guys!), and crafting one hilariously scathing visual response to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video that we won't spoil here.

Later, she adds: "We've never had it so good/ Uh huh, we're out of the woods/ And if you can't detect the sarcasm you've misunderstood." Look, sitting on laurels are great. Nobody's here to talk sh** about laurels. (Sorry, laurels. Also, what are laurels?) But if anything, Lily's new video really brings to light just how f***ed up the mainstream pop world can be to women -- not to mention why the word "feminism" is still important and relevant today.

+ Watch Lily Allen's NSFW "Hard Out Here" video.

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