Star Spotting: Max George Took A Selfie In Bed, And Now We're Feeling All The Tingly Feels (PHOTO)

Max George kinda sorta invited us to go to bed with him! Kinda.

Well, HELLO.

Don't be shy -- you've thought about what it would be like to be in bed with The Wanted's Max George before. Hello, he is a pro jeans model, and don't forget that PUNIM! I'm not necessarily saying that you've fantasized about wearing no clothes and hooking up lying in bed all PG-rated with the "Glad You Came" singer. JK, I am because obviously. LOOK AT HIM.

Well, today's our lucky day, because Max has generously posted a pre-bedtime selfie, which the "We Own The Night" crooner tweeted, captioning: "My bed for the night!!!...." We probably don't have to remind you, but this is, like, showing us exactly what it would look like to hop into bed with him and "sleep." Because you're sooo "tired." *winks so hard false lashes catch flame*

Read more about Max George's sexy selfie, and watch The Wanted perform "Glad You Came" and "We Own The Night" on "Live From MTV" after the jump.

A few things of note: First, those purple swirls are a very, erm, unique choice of bedding, so we're guessing Max is not resting at a five-star joint. Second, it appears as if Maxie boy MAY in fact be wearing a onesie. Or, he's at least got on a matching, two-piece hoodie and sweatpants set, which obviously just makes us wanna get into bed with him more. Like, that face + monochrome loungewear?! SPECIAL FEELINGS OVERLOAD.

+ Watch The Wanted perform "Glad You Came" and "We Own The Night" on "Live From MTV."

Photo credit: @MaxTheWanted