Laura Jane Grace Comes To Terms With Gender Dysphoria On Against Me!'s Brutally Honest 'F***MYLIFE666'

Listen to Against Me!'s "F***MYLIFE666."

Laura Jane Grace thinks about her changed physical appearance on "F***MYLIFE666."

We initially got a taste of Laura Jane Grace's musical coming to terms with her decision to come out as transgender on this summer's True Trans EP. Now, one of those songs, "F***MYLIFE666,"  is being released again this week, this time as part of the lead-up to Against Me!'s forthcoming Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

As we might've expected from a band whose strident, anthemic punk was already raw enough as it is, "F***MYLIFE666" is a predictably intense, introspective laying bear of emotion.

Listen to Against Me!'s "F***MYLIFE666" after the jump.

"F***MYLIFE666" details Grace's emotional and physical transformation, and the expectations of those around her. "The ease of your pose, the grace of your silhouette/ The way that your shoulders meet your slender neck/ Where would we be without all the distance?/ You know I'm already just a skeleton."

The song, re-purposed for Transgender Dysphoria Blues, out in January 2014, gets a boost from the full band here, with its careening bass push and lilting, harmonizing background vocals from guitarist and vocalist James Bowman, drummer Atom Willard, and bassist Fat Mike of NOFX.

"Chipped nail polish and a barbed wire dress/ Is your mother proud of your eyelashes, Silicone chest, and collagen lips?" Grace sings in her trademark tuneful growl. "How would you even recognize me?" Oh, oh I know! Maybe by all the badass songs? Laura's appearance might have shifted, but she'll always be familiar to us.

+ Listen to Against Me!'s "F***MYLIFE666," and explore Laura Jane Grace's closet on MTV's "House Of Style."

Photo credit: Total Treble