Star Spotting: So, Do We Think Macklemore Is Posing As Axl Rose, A Basketball Player, Superman, Or All Of The Above? (PHOTO)

Macklemore dressed as Axl Rose, a basketball player, Superman, or possibly all of the above.

Macklemore dressed up for his Syracuse show, and we're LOVING THE WHOLE LEWK. 

Last we checked, Halloween had come and gone. So, the above photo of Macklemore dressed in full costume-style regalia at his Syracuse University performance last night is, well, a bit confusing -- almost as confusing as what the "White Walls" rapper's supposed to be! Is he Axl Rose? Superman? A Syracuse University basketball player? (#GoOrange) WE HAVE NO CLUE.

Naturally, Mack felt compelled to share his fiercely bold performance lewk with his #SharkFaceGang following on Instagram, captioning: "Syracuse was kinda turnt tonight. Had a blast." Sure, but care to comment on what the eff that costume is?! Bah!

Then again, are we even surprised? Because when have the regular rules, like, EVER applied to Macklemore anyway? Dude got to toss T-shirts at a recent Toronto Raptors game just 'cause! And, let's not forget about the time when Mack hung out with Diddy at a VMA after-party, referred to the Bad Boy exec as "Puffy," and -- #AudibleGasp -- SURVIVED.

Ultimately, it's best not to question the ways of Macklemore's world. If boyfriend says that a day in mid-November is also Halloween, then we're gonna get some last-minute costumes stitched and ready-- simple as that.

Photo credit: @thisiscorrine via Macklemore's Instagram

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