Lady Gaga, Say Lou Lou, BROODS + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week"!

This week's roundup features a reverse Warholian expedition of the "ARTPOP" variety, a ghostly dream-pop rumination from a Nashville songstress, and some brooding beauty from two separate sibling acts from Down Under.

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1.) Lady Gaga, "G.U.Y"

Hey, guess what? Lady Gaga's got a new album out! (I know, I had absolutely no idea either.) It's called ARTPOP, and it's bananas o'clock in-SAYYYYN -- and also pretty amazing. But, of all the new #Bangerz on the album, there's one standout that absolutely MUST be a single at some point, and that's "G.U.Y."

The gender-bending electro-pop seducer sees Gaga setting her sights on a guy, destined to get her hands on his Koons gazing balls: "I wanna be the girl under you," she croons, "I wanna be your G.U.Y." Not only is the track a complete dance floor stormer, but it's super empowering too! "I don't have to be on top to know I'm wanted, 'cause I'm strong enough to know the truth," she declares. The track spells H.I.T. to me. Release it, Gagaloo!

+ Listen to LADY GAGA'S "G.U.Y."

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2.) BROODS, "Bridges"

For those of you happily riding the Lorde train, this'll be a treat: BROODS, an up-and-coming brother-sister act from New Zealand that we're ob-SESSED with, has teamed up with the "Royals" crooner's producer, Joel Little, for their stunning debut song, "Bridges."

The track features everything you love about Lorde's downtempo, gloomy production style, but lead singer Georgia Nott's got a more fluttery, Ellie Goulding-esque wisp to her voice. "Now we're burning all the bridges down, watching it go up in flames," she coos. If this song's any indication, BROODS better not be so quick to burn any bridges -- they're onto something seriously genius.

+ Listen to BROODS' "BRIDGES."

3.) Chelsea Lankes, "Ghost"

Chelsea Lankes' "Ghost" pretty much popped up out of nowhere (as most ghosts do), but be glad that it did. The moody, electronic midtempo sees the burgeoning Nashville-based singer-songwriter going back and forth about a troubled love: "If you aren't for me, then why do I breathe so slow?" she laments.

It's a lush, layered production, especially the soaring chorus: "This love is a ghost," she sadly coos. It's probably one of the year's finest, most ethereal tracks. Go on and listen to this one on repeat until forever. Oh -- it's also free.


4.) Say Lou Lou, "Beloved"

Aussie-Swedish twin sister act Say Lou Lou -- or, more accurately, SLAY Lou Lou -- have been serving up reliably gorgeous dream-pop for more than a year now, from "Julian" to "Maybe You" to "Better In The Dark."

Their latest tune -- part of their upcoming debut with Columbia Records -- just might be one of their best yet. "Beloved" was co-written with Hannah Robinson (the genius songwriter behind tracks for Rachel Stevens and Kylie Minogue), and it sees the girls struggling to satisfy their seemingly impossible lovers: "If I'm your beloved, then why don't I fit?" Chills and tears forever, y'all.

+ Listen to SAY LOU LOU'S "BELOVED."

5.) Mereki, "Blue Lake"

Mereki may be a new name to the pop scene, but judging by "Blue Lake," we'll likely be hearing a whole lot more from her soon. (Hopefully!)

Known for her feature on Goldroom's "Only You Can Show Me," the singer has a brand-new solo track that, thanks to some Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX) production, floats along a nostalgic electronic sheen. "We can throw our shoes into a blue lake," Mereki pledges off the top of the dreamy number, a subtle nod to Kate Bush. It's a perfectly romantic, slightly sad ode -- get swept away in this mesmerizing debut.

+ Listen to MEREKI'S "BLUE LAKE."

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