Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Remains Flawless, Even In The Midst Of A French Fry-Induced Coma (PHOTO)

Even mid-french fry coma, Selena Gomez is without flaw

Sel even looks gorg mid-gorge! 

We've all been there. You "accidentally" binge-order fries, pizza, and a milk shake with burgers on the side, only to slip into a HEAVY post-consumption, food-induced coma. Well, per the above photo of Selena Gomez making casual love to a french fry, the "Slow Down" singer is prey to the occasional binge-order, too.

After her "Stars Dance" Tour stopover in Vegas, Sel took to Instagram to share her and her pal's postconcert room service raid, captioning: "Goodnight Vegas." More like: "Yeah, we over-ordered, but do you KNOW how many calories I just burned on stage????"

Whatever, they say stars are like us and all that bullsh** jazz, but honestly? When we go H.A.M. on some fries and a pizza, our faces bloat to the size of volleyballs, and we emergency-slip into the nearest pair of leggings we can find. When Selena goes H.A.M. on some fries and a pizza, she still looks fit, gorgeous, and -- oh, are those perfectly in-place false lashes we spy? Muh. Life is just plain rude.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram