Video Premiere: Kenna And Childish Gambino Make An Ultra-Stylish Duo In 'Relations'

Watch Kenna and Childish Gambino's "Relations" video.

Kenna and Childish Gambino have "Relations" in this collabo track.

"Let's have relations!" Kenna sings on his new single, but don't expect a "Blurred Lines" from The Neptunes collaborator. Instead, his blunt approach comes closer to satirizing the art of the pickup.

It opens with some awkward banter from Childish Gambino that throws the bedroom-ish hook into contrast: "So, like, that's a really cool dress? Skirt? Uh, uh…" Judging by the look on a pair of backup dancers' faces, they're not feeling his vibe.

Watch Kenna and Childish Gambino's "Relations" video after the jump.

Kenna stays on point, though, keeping his style simple in a monochrome outfit: black Chucks, skinny jeans, and a faded contrast-collar gray shirt topped off with a driving cap. "I'm wondering if we were supposed to meet in another life?" he sings, and the only thing missing is a fedora and goatee.

With its squishy bass line and an 8-bit style riff that's more "Galaga" than Marvin Gaye, the funky track treats its subject matter as a chance to bring offbeat sounds together. Gambino delivers a smooth guest verse over the intricate beat, holding our attention while staying statue-still. He leaves most of the dance moves to Kenna, who busts some we wouldn't try behind him in the blank white background.

The track's the latest from Songs for Flight, the singer's long-awaited third full-length album -- and, we're willing to bet, his funniest. Touch down soon, Kenna.

+ Watch Kenna and Childish Gambino's "Relations" video.

Photo credit: Kenna/Glassnote Records