Going On Vacation? Here Are Some Dos + Don’ts According To Drake’s ‘Worst Behavior’ Video!

Learn how to be on your best vacay behavior thanks to Drake’s new clip.

Good evening, intrepid fellow travelers! As the winter season slowly rolls in, now is as good a time as ever to pay a visit to warmer climes. To ensure that you don’t make an out-of-towner fool of yourself wherever you go, we’ve enlisted Drake’s new video for “Worst Behavior” to (ironically?) teach you how to be on your best tourist behavior in new places — or, um, your least embarrassing we should say.

Filmed in Atlanta and Memphis (aka Drake’s dad’s hometown), the “Hold On We’re Going Home” performer’s clip features everything from adorable grandpas with killer style to the hustling, bustling ATL nightlife. That’s not even mentioning the myriad rib and chicken restaurants juxtaposed with cars sporting ice cream paint jobs, both of which will surely leave you hungry for a visit. (And also ribs and chicken and ice cream waghhhhh…)

So, put down the fanny pack, lose the super NOT helpful foldout map of lame-ass sightseeing recommendations, and fully absorb these Drizzy Dos & Don’ts.

DO: Match your shoes to your suit.

And also your car. And also your limo.

Watch Drake’s “Worst Behavior” video after the jump.

DON’T fill up on ribs.

Or soul food.

Or chicken.

Actually, you know what? You’re gonna be eating approximately 17 times a day. Just DON’T fill up.

DO wear as many owl necklaces as possible. Who doesn’t like birds? Also, DO perform your nightly neck exercises to prepare.

DON’T make this face. Ya look like a Yankee fool!

If you insist on looking like a Yankee fool, DO wear a face-covering owl head.

Oh, and before we forget: DON’T forget to B.Y.O. owl head.

Follow these helpful Dos & Don’ts, and you’ll be making friends in places like Memphis and Atlanta in no time!

+ Watch Drake’s “Worst Behavior” video.

Photo credit: Cash Money Records