Katy Perry Was NOT Feeling Ron Burgundy's Seduction Technique At The 2013 MTV EMA (PHOTO)

Watch Ron Burgundy scandalize Katy Perry at the 2013 EMA.

Katy Perry is SCANDALIZED.

Soooo, not only did Katy Perry win Best Female at last night's 2013 MTV EMA, but she also performed "Unconditionally," made a new BBF in Ariana Grande, and experienced the dashing charisma of "Anchorman 2" star Ron Burgundy (aka Will Ferrell)! And, um, judging by the above photo, THINGS GOT A LIL' WEIRD.

Ron tried to woo the Prism singer with his dashing '70s polyester suit and offbeat humor, but Katy's "OH NO GROSS" face totally indicates that the knock-knock joke/pickup line/marriage proposal from the "anchorman" was probably, like, too much ewww to handle.

Watch Ron Burgundy whisper sweet nothings into Katy Perry's ear after the jump.

They caught up by the bar to introduce the award for Best Video, and Ron tried some of his best (read: stale) pickup lines. "Were I but 10 years younger -- GROWWWLLLL." But Ron's "subtlety" was lost on Ms. Perry. "Were you just 10 years younger, you'd what?" she asked.

"No, it's just a saying, meaning, if I was just 10 years younger, well, you know," explained Ron. "No I don't really know what would happen if you were 10 years younger," said Katy. I'm sorry, I'm lost." To that, Ron leaned over and whispered only God knows what in Katy's ear. "Oh my God, that is SO DISGUSTING!!!" she exclaimed. Welp, guess that's that! (Totally understand, Katy. Polyester suits are sooo 40 years ago.)

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