Star Spotting: End Your Day With The Cutest Photo Of Justin Bieber + His Little Sister EVAR

Justin Bieber hangs out with his adorable kid sister, Jazmyn!

Justin and his kid sister are so cheek-pinchingly cute!

We know that Justin Bieber's had a bit of a "Bad Day" here and there, but thanks to some QT with his kid sister Jazmyn, the "All Bad" singer looks back to his all good, smiley self! Quick, someone alert the adorbz authorities! Ring the "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CUUUUUTE" alarm! (Which probably sounds exactly like this.)

Seriously, though, if you are not currently hugging something, anything, to celebrate the precious moment that is Justin's Instagrammed photo above, then you are living life wrong and should probably take a class called FEELS 101. Like, just in case you needed any more proof that Justin is truly the sweetest big brother ever, read the caption: "Love u sis." Guys, COME ONNNNNNN!

Justin Bieber kicks it with his little sister, Jazmyn!

Leave it to these two to be complete Mother's Day 2014 overachievers -- this pic is a total framer! Actually, strike that: This image should be on every Mother's Day greeting card! Forever! Don't worry, guys, I'm on it. *Calls Hallmark hotline on a burner cell phone because Hallmark has officially blocked him after too many Bieber suggestions*

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram / GIF: Reaction GIFs