Bruno Mars Teams Up With Pharrell + R. Kelly For The Raunched-Out 'Gorilla G-Mix' (NSFW)

Bruno Mars recruits R.Kelly and Pharrell for an even raunchier version of "Gorilla"

Could Bruno Mars' "Gorilla" get any raunchier? Um, yep!

We're still in recovery mode from the animal sex-plosion that was Bruno Mars' EN FUEGO "Gorilla" music video, not to mention his stage-turned-strip club performance featuring Nicole The Pole at last night's 2013 MTV EMA.

So you'll just have to forgive us for not writing about "Gorilla G-Mix," Bruno's totally raunched-out remix of "Gorilla" featuring Pharrell and R. Kelly, when it dropped last week. Because #RecoveryTakesTime

Listen to Bruno Mars' "Gorilla G-Mix" featuring R. Kelly and Pharrell after the jump. 

Taking a cue from Bruno's original, borderline X-rated Unorthodox Jukebox single, Bruno's Smeezingtons-produced "Gorilla G-Mix" features a bevvy of sexual euphemisms that are definitely NOT safe for work. Or kids. Or your grandparents.

Examples? Aside from Bruno casually cooing about "making love like Gorillas,"  R. Kelly claims to be "an anaconda" in some lady's "garden," and later, sounds very excited that said lady has "her cheetah bra" on. And Pharrell? He just equates sex to yoga: "One will do the down dog, and I will be the cobra." #NAMASTE

As we said when Bruno's video dropped, we recommend that you do NOT listen to this remix without your significant other within arm's reach. And if there's no significant other? Don't listen to this track until you meet your future husband and wanna pop out some kids. Because this song will help you make ALL THE BABIES.

+ Listen to Bruno Mars' "Gorilla G-Mix" featuring R. Kelly and Pharrell (NSFW), and watch Bruno Mars perform "Gorilla" at the 2013 MTV EMA.


Photo credit: Atlantic Records