Katy Perry + Ariana Grande Have A BFF-A-Thon, Pose Like Cats At The 2013 MTV EMA

Katy Perry and Ariana Grande pose like lifelong besties at the 2013 MTV EMA.

Katy Perry and Ariana Grande┬áboth SLAYED at the 2013 MTV EMA last night! Katy werqued her best Peter Pan impression during her performance of “Unconditionally,” and Ari served as the show’s social media correspondent/ resident tweet-singer.

Considering how these ladies have released two of the most successful albums of the year — Katy with Prism, Ariana with Yours Truly — you’d imagine that they’d be, well, catty towards each other. Well, THINK AGAIN, FRIENDZ! Per the above photo, the two pop stars were so into each other IRL that they actually posed like cats! I CAN HAZ CUTENESS? YUSS, U CAN.

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Can we get these two in a photo booth, like, PRONTO?

And that’s not all! The gals also engaged in another matching pose, something more along the lines of “duckface lite with a side of hair grab”! LOVE IT.

Ugh, we’re DYING to know what they chatted about backstage. A potential collabo? How the “Right There” singer gets her ponytail THAT PERFECT every damn time? How it feels to be in head-to-toe Chanel like Miss Katy up there? (She’s LITERALLY wearing a gold-encrusted Chanel perfume bottle around her neck.) So many questions, ZERO ANSWERS.

Photo credit: Getty Images