Future's 'Real And True' Video Featuring Miley Cyrus And Mr. Hudson: Meet Miley Cyrus, The Sex-traterrestrial... in GIFs!

real and true

Watch Future's OUT OF THIS WORLD "Real And True" video... in GIFs!

Talk about "star-crossed lovers," amirite? OK, bad joke. But really, we don't know which pop culture space joke to reference first with Future's "Real And True" video starring Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson! They're just alllll so appropriate.

Opening with Future and Mr. Hudson on what we can only assume is a space mission to find the Sexiest Alien Alive (huh -- that sounds like a beauty pageant at Comic Con), the RANKIN-directed "Real And True" features the two singers landing on a moonlike planet and finding -- AHH!-- a barely survived/cryogenically frozen Miley IN A VINTAGE SPACESUIT. Time to revive her!

Now, if this were "Alien," "Aliens," or "Prometheus," reviving Miley would mean multiple alien-related space deaths before the voyage is done. But because this is a music video, Miley's transformation instead means morphing into a naked, sparkle-covered sex-traterrestrial who seduces Future with her long lashes and limbs.

Too bad they can't be together (if he takes her back to Earth, she might undergo an "E.T."-esque entrapment situation "in the name of science"). Instead, acting out the lyrics to "Real And True" ("Through the distant and cold depths of space/ The radio sings our song, it's a love real and true"), Future returns to Earth and leaves the newly revived alien Miley to live out the rest of her days on... the moon, I guess.

So, till Miley and Future are reunited (#SorryBoutIt, Ciara), I guess we'll have no choice but to wile away the days... with some "Real And True" GIFs!!




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+ Watch Future's "Real And True" video featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr. Hudson.

GIFs: T.Kyle

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