Ariana Grande's Glad You're Breaking Your Ass Voting For Her, But She Also Thinks You Should Go To Bed


Arianators, we talked to Ariana Grande in her EMA dressing room, and she appreciates your vote, but she wants you to get some Zs!

The 2013 EMA Artist On The Rise competition is down to a heated, neck-and-neck race between Austin Mahone's Mahomies and Ariana Grande's Arianators. Literally, the scoreboard keeps volleying back and forth between Austin and Ariana with the hushed tension of a Wimbledon final. And Ariana is well aware of the work her fans are putting in. When MTV News caught up with her here in Amsterdam in her Ziggo Dome dressing room at the MTV EMA, where she'll be pulling double duty as EMA backstage host and EMA presenter, Ariana had a message for her devoted international army of Arianators, and it's mainly that she appreciates your support, but she wants you to get some sleep, too:

"Amazing, ridiculous, honored, I'm so excited," Ariana gushed. "This is my first time nominated for something like this so I'm very excited. Like, crazy."

But what about that little matter of all those hardcore Arianators skipping basic needs like sleep to vote for her?

"I feel so badly because my fans have been like breaking their asses voting for me, like not sleeping, and I'm like, 'go to sleep it's okay!' I get it. I'm like appreciative of all the love and everything, but I don't want them to like kill themselves over it! I want them to sleep and like be healthy. It's okay. Go to bed. It's alright! They all have school!"

Watch Ariana share her love for her fans and tell them to go to bed, watch her take the backstage host challenge, and check out some of our favorite no-sleep-til-EMA Arianator tweets! And tune in to the 2013 EMA on Sunday, Nov. 10 to see if your votes paid off! Ariana will be interviewing your favorite celebs backstage, so don't miss it!






Credit: MTV

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