Will Miley Cyrus Perform At The 2013 EMA In A Speedo? Miley Explains! (VIDEO)


This is exactly how we feel about Miley Cyrus wearing a Speedo.

We've seen Miley Cyrus perform in a giant adult baby onesie with a cartoon face, an oversized jersey, tight white leggings and, most notoriously, nothing but mascara on.

So what does she have planned for her 2013 EMA performance this Sunday night? The show's in Amsterdam, so might we see Milers in some herbal apparel? Will she pull the ol' weed socks out of her EMA suitcase again?


Perhaps. But aside from promising an out-of-this-world, alien-themed EMA performance, there's a chance, albeit however remote, that Miley may follow in the Spandex-encased footsteps of 2013 EMA emcee and professional party enthusiast RedFoo and wear one of his signature Speedos.

Watch Miley Cyrus discuss her RedFoo-inspired EMA Speedo after the jump.

"I'm gonna have to be wearing a Speedo because I'm Redfoo-influenced," Miley told MTV News.


Now it's likely Miley was kidding about the Speedo, but you should obviously be glued to your television in case she wasn't and she rolls out in one of RedFoo's own zebra-printed Speedos (altered to fit her, natch) emblazoned with either a marijuana leaf or the word "BANGERZ" (or both!) after all.

+ Watch Miley Cyrus discuss her RedFoo-inspired EMA Speedo, and find out more about Miley's alien EMA inspiration.

Credit: MTV; Miley Cyrus' Instagram; NBCUniversal; GIF Soup