Star Spotting: Is Miley Cyrus Crowning Herself Queen Of The EMA? Either Way, Bow Down! (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus is officially queen of the 2013 MTV EMA!

Miley is the queen, and she's got the accessories to prove it.

We have no clue who's gonna dominate the 2013 MTV EMA this Sunday. However, judging by Miley Cyrus' accessories in the above photo, we can probably assume that Miley's gonna rule the Amsterdam stage like royalty during her performance. Or, maybe the "Real And True" singer just bought her own European micro-nation to reign over? (Lichtenstein? More like Lick-tenstein! C'mon, that's a solid Miley tongue joke.)

Anyway, all we know for sure is that the "Wrecking Ball" songstress tweeted out the photo in all its "Pretty Pretty Princess" glory. Did she bring those gem-encrusted accoutrements with her? (Maybe that's why packing her suitcase was so difficult.) Or maybe they're just some of the spoils along the way of her very first green-lit, after-hours Amsterdam adventure?

Wait, what if Miley's hinting at her EMA performance? OMFG, what if she goes full-on Marie Antoinette à la Madonna's "Vogue" performance at the 1990 VMAs?! We really don't know WHAT to expect from Ms. Milez this Sunday, but we count on one thing: YOU WILL BE BOWING DOWN TO HER.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus