Katy Perry's Feeling Crabby... Literally! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry has a crab hanging off of her lip.

Oh, you know. Just Katy Perry with a crab hanging off her lip. WAIT. WHAT?!?!?!??

THIS IS SO WEEEIRD! Just the other day we were thinking about taking a selfie with a crab chilling on our lip, but then Katy Perry beat us to it. UGH! I guess I'm moving to plan B: Anybody got a giant shark I can borrow? (A sea creature hanging from your mouth is the new duckface. #GetWithIt)

The "Unconditionally" singer shared the pic of her "hanging" out with a crustacean on Twitter with the caption, "Sometimes I can get a little crabby." Um, real talk: We don't think it's physically possible for Katy Perry to get grumpy --  she's way too puuurrrrfect.

Anyway, we just hope that Katy's got this crab situation on lock before she performs at the 2013 MTV EMA in Amsterdam this Sunday night (!!). Actually, you know what -- NO! Maybe she should do what Lady Gaga does and proudly rock a "WUT THE WUT??" costume onstage. Like, she could perform a Prism track with some sea life hanging off her face! C'monnnn, it's #FashionFoward!

BTW, is anyone else suddenly craving a meal at Red Lobster?

Photo credit: @Katyperry