Flashback Friday: Hilary Duff Used To Do Children's Beauty Pageants! Paging 'Toddlers & Tiaras'! (PHOTO)

Check out this #TBT from Hilary Duff's toddler pageant days!

Hilary Duff, or a "Toddlers & Tiaras" cast member? WE CAN'T TELL.

You know us -- we live for a good #TBT and #FBF! And, knowing our line of work, we've come across some great ones lately, such as Cody Simpson and Demi Lovato's Halloween-themed #TBTs, and One Direction's ENTIRE "Story Of My Life" video.

But in what is perhaps the BEST #TBT we've seen in a hot minute (or, #FBF, considering today's date), here's a young Hilary Duff as a contestant in a '90s child beauty pageant! You know, like an IRL "Toddlers & Tiaras" situation! (Except hopefully with better parenting...)

Sharing her pageant photo yesterday via Twitter, Hilary captioned: "#tbt there are so many things wrong with this."

Erm, well, we can't deny that it's a liiiiittle creepy to see Hilary enveloped in a pink feather boa, rocking cheesy pear earrings, and flashing a pageant perma-smile. Also: Is that a tan line on her shoulder? On the the plus side, we see zero signs of anything "Baby Botox" or Honey Boo Boo-related. (Thank god.)

Final thought, then we have to stop looking at this photo: Hilary's #TBT IS in fact the for-toddlers, G-rated version of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album cover art. Yep, we WENT there.

Photo credit: Hilary Duff's Twitter