EMA Flashback: Remember That Time Justin Bieber Sparkled Down From Heaven To Perform In 2011?

Remember when Justin Bieber performed his "Mistletoe"/ "Never Say Never" medley at the 2011 MTV EMA?

"Are you there, God? It's me, Justin."

T.G.I.F.? Sorry, nationally beloved cast of "Boy Meets World"( #RIP), but this week we're saving all our day-related gratitude for Sunday. HELLO, it's only the night of the 2013 MTV EMA, and to celebrate we're taking another look back at the best damn moments that MTV's international awards show has ever blessed us with!

For today's EMA Flashback, we're rolling back the clock to 2011's ceremony where none other than now-then-and-forever heartthrob Justin Bieber serenaded the Dublin audience with a medley of "Mistletoe" and "Never Say Never." Although he may not have been packing quite the gun show that he does today -- he's basically a convention center at this point, LBR -- JB fired off round after round of showstopping moves.

And that voice, with all those unexpected riffs and never-ending runs? ALWAYS A TREAT. Our favorite moment in the whole EMA performance, though, has gotta be the beginning moments of "Mistletoe." As the Biebs (literally) sang the praises of Christmastime over a gently strumming ukulele, millions of snowflake-like flecks of glitter descended from above. Basically, we were living in a heavenly Bieber snowglobe for a very short period of our lives, and, um... WE WANNA GO BACK PLZ.

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Hopefully, we're gonna get hit square in the #feelings bone all over again at the 2013 MTV EMA in Amsterdam. We bet that Katy Perry's "Unconditionally" performance is gonna do just the trick, but don't worry -- Miley Cyrus will be hitting the mainstage to twerk away all the tears. And who knows what the rest of the performers roster will bring, when it includes such myriad talents as Bruno Mars, Icona Pop, Kings Of Leon, Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke, Imagine Dragons, Afrojack, and The Killers!

OMG, and that's not even mentioning the performances taking place in the very special, American audience-exclusive EMA broadcast from New York City hosted by Darren Criss of "Glee," Cher Lloyd, and "Guy Code"'s Andrew Shulz. They've got Fall Out Boy, Jason Derulo, The Wanted, EMA backstage host Ariana Grande, and Artist On The Rise nominee Austin Mahone all taking the Times Square stage, so you know you're gonna be feeling most, if not all, of the feelings.

Stay tuned for more pre-EMA coverage this weekend, and remember to tune in to the 2013 MTV EMA this Sunday night at 7 p.m. ET!

+ Watch the 2013 MTV EMA promo video featuring LMFAO's Red Foo and Miley Cyrus.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: MTV