Get Ready, Europe -- Miley Cyrus Is Coming To The EMA!! (That Is, If She Manages To Close Her Suitcase)

Hope Miley Cyrus can get her suitcase packed for the EMA in time!

C'mon, Biew Biew, put yer back into it!

Yes, operator? Get us on the line with Europe immediately! OMG EUROPE, GIRL, WHAT'S UP. (Love what you're doing with the Scandinavian peninsula lately -- f*** whatcha heard from South America.) Anyway, are you all prepped and ready for the 2013 MTV EMA in Amsterdam this Sunday? Hope so, because by the looks of this photo that Miley Cyrus tweeted earlier, the "Wrecking Ball" singer's swinging your way in T-minus... NOW!

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Well, Ms. Milez won't be going Dutch until she can get that suitcase closed first. "[P]acking with biew biew," she tweeted to her Smilers, adding, "Amsterdam here we commmmmme." FYI, in case you missed MTV's "Miley: The Movement," "Biew Biew" is Miley's nickname for her BFF/ personal assistant, Cheyne Thomas.

And if you're still drawing a blank, you might recognize him from that photo of Miley sticking out her tongue AND middle finger -- or from the second spot on our list of "People Whose Jobs We Need To Steal" that we keep crumpled in our pocket at all times. (What's No. 1? "Feline energist," duh.)

Anyway, whaddya think's in the suitcase that makes it so difficult to close? Miley's EMA performance outfit? Errrr, somehow we feel like it won't take up that much space... Remember how in one "Miley: The Movement" scene, the "Real And True" singer revealed to Britney Spears that she originally wanted to perform TOPLESS at the 2013 VMAs? And now she's gonna be in Europe? Hello, EUROPE?! Where the uncensored streets are, like, PAVED with boobs???? (Right? Study abroad was a while ago.)

Well, at least Miley's not traveling INSIDE the suitcase like she did in the MTV EMA promo video with EMA host Red Foo of LMFAO. Unless... no, don't put Biew Biew in the suitcase! NOBODY PUTS BIEW BIEW IN THE SUITCASE!!

+ Watch the 2013 MTV EMA promo video featuring Miley Cyrus and LMFAO's Red Foo.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus