Dear Universe, Thank You For Austin Mahone’s Club-Thumping ‘Banga Banga’! You’re The Best!


Gahhhhhhh, Mahomies, how are you all even functioning right now?! Ever since Austin Mahone premiered his new single, “Banga Banga,” on the radio, we’ve like literally been… hmmm, how do we put this delicately and as PG-rated as possible? We’ve basically been thrusting into the air, with vigor, that corporeal region from which all them funny feelings spring. Got it? (If your parents ask, we didn’t say “air-humping 24/7.”)

The Junior Year track is, like, bubblegum pop GOLD from start to finish. No buildup, no slowdown — from the first “You’re a banga, banga, banga, banga” chorus to the last, the song is nothing but super fun, beat-thumping goodness. We just wish Austin would drop the club-ready banger banger BANGA BANGA BANGA BANGA on iTunes already! Sunday seems so far away! #ImTheDramaticOne

Oh well. If you need us from now until then we’ll basically only be doing the following:.

Listen to Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” after the jump.

+ Listen to Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga.”

Photo credit: Chase, Cash Money Records / GIF: Panda Whale, jenniferlawrencegif.blogspot, Gifrific, blodg1ss.tumblr, russias-crazy-fangir.deviantart

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