Star Spotting: Did Y’all Know That Justin Bieber Was A Borderline Profesh Grafitti Artist?! (PHOTOS)

Ummm, since when was JB such a skilled ARTISTE?!

By now, you can probably guess what I like to do to relax: I hit up a mat Pilates class, drink some kale juice, whip up some quinoa, and watch Food Network — basically I like to pretend that I’m 88. Wanna know what Justin Bieber does to let off steam? Well, according to a recent batch of Instagram photos he posted, bro straight transforms into a legit graffiti ARTISTE! Like, do we have a budding Banksy on our hands?!

Check out more photos of Justin Bieber flexing his graffiti muscles after the jump.

Justin puts the finishing touches on his penguin masterpiece.

Justin took to Instagram to share some of his latest visual creations with the Beliebers, posting a slew of captions: First, “Who’s gon stop me haaannn,” followed by “Everyone loves penguins,” then “This is my escape,” and finally, to clear up any “Justin Bieber is doing illegal things”-inspired hashtags, “Every place I have tagged has been approved I do not suggest tagging private property.. I still suck but i have fun doing it ;).” Way to keep it classy, JB!

Even JB’s graffiti wears BLING!

Honestly, we are LOVING the whole “pop star by day, elusive graffiti artist by night” angle! Plus, it seems like dude’s been going through, how shall we say, a rough time. (Need a reminder? Listen to his nonstop heartbreak anthem parade of “Bad Day,” “Heartbreaker,””All That Matters,” “Hold Tight,” and “Recovery.”)

Basically, anything to help the Biebs maintain his “zen,” is fine by us. Also, that wall has got to be worth what, like, 20 gah-jillion bucks?! If anyone’s got a spare crane and cement saw (if that’s a thing??) lying around this weekend, let a sister know.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram