Meet Brooklyn Folk-Pop Duo Oh Honey + Watch Oh Honey Traipse Through NYC In Their 'Be Okay' Video

Do NOT sleep on Brooklyn based folk pop duo, Oh Honey!

Meet folk-pop duo Oh Honey: They dress better than you and sing REALLY well. 

Have you ever wanted to be an exceptionally well-dressed musician living in NYC? Oh, that's the exact definition of your dream life? Well, if that's the case, then you might wanna brace yourself for some bad news: Brooklyn pop-folk duo Oh Honey -- otherwise known as Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard -- just crossed the finish line to your DREAM LIFE!!

Listen to Oh Honey after the jump. 

After a chance meeting through friends, Mitchy and Danielle discovered that they both a.) live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and b.) are musicians! (Gosh, imagine that, two musicians meeting in Williamsburg.) After a few more meetings and writing sessions, the perky pop duo Oh Honey were born.

Need some comparisons? Well, for starters, Oh Honey skillfully blend thick, acoustic guitars with piano accents and a folk-tinged vibe that's reminiscent of, say, Mumford & Sons, but their aggressively cheerful, shouty pop hooks are straight out of Icona Pop's playbook.

Anyway, since their inception, Oh Honey has been hard at work crafting original songs and releasing their debut single, "Be Okay," a stomp-clap-laden, harmony-rich track that'll appear on their forthcoming EP, With Love, out Nov. 12.

Also: "Be Okay" recently got a video! And it features the expertly coiffed Mitchy and Danielle happily bouncing around to their record as only two carefree kids from Williamsburg can.

At the top of "Be Okay," Mitchy and Danielle throw an impromptu concert for their friends, which eventually leads to buying old records (#noMP3s), riding the subway, chilling by the water, and just generally reenacting your Perfect Brooklyn Sunday. Plus, some random strangers hold up signs that say "WE'LL BE OKAY." Because HAPPY THOUGHTS! (And borough envy!!)

Don't sleep on Brooklyn-based pop/folk duo, Oh Honey

+ Listen to Oh Honey, and watch their "Be Okay" video.

Photo credit: Jesse DeFlorio

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