Star Spotting: We'll Take Full Credit For This Photo Of Austin Mahone In The Recording Studio

Austin Mahone is back in the recording studio!

PUHHH-RAISE!!!! Austin is back in the recording studio!

Start sending your thank-you notes and gifts of undying gratitude to our Times Square offices now, because we're pretty sure that WE (or at least Austin Mahone's 2013 MTV EMA nomination for Artist On The Rise) are the reason he's back in the studio recording more jams! Just please, don't send balloons -- it breaks out hearts to watch them deflate.

OK, sure, maybe the "Banga Banga" singer was already planning on hitting the studio because, you know, it's his job. But the caption to this photo Austin posted on Instagram kinda hints that we played some part in it: "I'M NOMINATED FOR ARTIST ON THE RISE @MTV #EMA!! Post a pic and tag with #voteaustinmahone to vote now!!" Did you read that? He mentioned our name -- OUR NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Please just let us have this one moment. It clearly means the world to us. Thx.)

Oh, and if the "What About Love" singer wins either of his EMA categories (Artist On The Rise, Best Push) during this Sunday's ceremony, you're obvs more than welcome to send us more thank-you gifts. Actually, you can just send us stuff anytime you want. (We really love cookies.)

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram

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