Oh, What's That? You Want To See Lil Wayne Dressed Up As Fred Flintstone?? (PHOTOS)

Lil Wayne made his son's "Flintstones"-themed birthday party bed-ROCK.


To celebrate his son Dwayne III's birthday, Lil Wayne got his prehistoric on in a full head-to-cartoonishly-oversize-toe Fred Flintstone costume! Wow, like, literally call him Mr. Flintstone, 'cause he can make your bed kid's birthday party rock!

And with that, we conclude the "Bedrock" references portion of this afternoon's post. Got it out of your system? Good. Moving on!

Check out more Flintstone party photos, and watch a video after the jump.

Lil Wayne made his son's "Flintstones"-themed birthday party bed-ROCK.

HBD from Lil Tunechi!

Hmmm, according to the caption on this photo posted by Dwayne's mom, Atlanta radio personality Sarah ViVan, Weezy was singing "Happy Birthday" to his son. But we kinda have a sneaking suspicion that the "High School" rapper was ACTUALLY leading everyone in a round of a cappella "Let The Beat Build," conductor-style. Either way, AWWWWWW.

Lil Wayne made his son's "Flintstones"-themed birthday party bed-ROCK.

Mmmmmmmmmm, delicious fondant.

OMG, Wayne even helped his son blow out the candles on the birthday cake! So adorable -- almost as adorable as the "Ha, real cute, CAN WE EAT THIS PLZ??" look on that kid in the middle's face.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it looks like this party was held at some kinda super fun Discovery Zone-meets-gymnasium venue filled with trampolines, foam pits, and more things that we're super distraught over not getting to play on. Invite us next year? Thx!

+ Watch Lil Wayne play some trampoline basketball with his son.

Photo credit: Sarah ViVan's Instagram