We're Getting Powerful Destiny's Child / 'Say My Name' Vibes From Little Mix's New Song, 'Boy'

Little Mix go heavy 90's throwback on "Boy"

Little Mix take us way back to the '90s and early aughts on "Boy."

U.K. girl group Little Mix is killing the '90s throwback game right now, and we are thank-FUL!

Their recent single "Move" enveloped us in some serious Crystal Waters "100% Pure Love" realness, "How Ya Doin?" took a perfect page outta En Vogue's book, and their latest single, "Boy," is like a dead-on homage to Destiny's Child's 2000 jam "Say My Name."

Listen to Little Mix's "Boy" after the jump.

Like any good track from the '90s/early '00s, Little Mix's Timbaland-produced "Boy" kicks off with a lush a cappella verse, where the girls belt their song out in a perfectly layered four-part harmony.

Then, as the throwback track kicks in (read: finger snaps + Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" vibes), the girls coo in unison: "Forget that boy/ Forget that boy/ I know a bad boy ain't good enough for you/You're holding back tears in your eyes." #NOSCRUBS

Be on the lookout for the girls' album Salute when it drops Nov. 11, and if by some chance you feel compelled to coordinate the album's release with a '90s-themed dance party, then we might just make a point to show up to your house... in a baby-T.

+ Listen to Little Mix's "Boy." 

Photo credit: Syco