Miley Cyrus Took A Birthday Photo With Her 'Mammie' Because G'awwwww (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus celebrated her grandmother's birthday with a selfie.

BRB, singing "CUUUUUTE" in pitch-perfect, five-part harmony.

Did you see Miley Cyrus' new Kat Von D tattoo of her grandma? (Or, like, Marilyn Monroe or Dolly Parton according to some fans who DON'T READ THE CAPTIONS.) Well, according to this intergenerational Cyrus selfie posted on Twitter last night, it turns out that the ink was the "Real And True" singer's permanent birthday present to her grandmother!

Along with the photo, Ms. Milez tweeted: "Still just as beautiful. @thekatvond look who left the house today :) happy birthday Mammie." Ugh, we love how cool and smiley Miley's g-ma is with her granddaughter's tattoo, almost as much as we love her throwback, '70s/ '80s bug-eye glasses! So retro! So vintage! So chic, c'est la vie! We'll have one in every color!

But most of all, we are ob-SESSED with how strong Miley's bond with her family members are. It's like she's in the wrestling ring OF LIFE with Mama Tish Cyrus "right beside her" in one corner and Mammie holdin' down the other. You mess with their Miley cub, and they'll come at you like a "Wrecking Ball"!

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus