Star Spotting: Macklemore Sat Courtside At A Toronto Raptors Game, Tossed T-Shirts At Halftime, NBD (VIDEO)

Macklemore got a little too excited during halftime at a Toronto Raptors game!

Macklemore was straight REVVED to be Toronto's T-shirt man.

We're used to seeing Macklemore keep it icy cool under pressure, which is why we were so surprised to see the "White Walls" rapper get so majorly excited up top. What activity caused the "White Walls" rapper to dork the eff out? Oh, just that one time last night when he was designated "Señor Halftime T-Shirt Thrower" (you know, the bro who tosses shirts into the audience) at a Toronto Raptors game!

Wow, like, this is the man who held it together while sharing a bromantic moment with Jay Z and while broing out HARD backstage at the VMAs with Kanye West! But whatevs, we guess that tossin' tees at a stadium full of Canadians is WAY COOLER than going on a froyo date with Justin Timberlake, right? (NOPE.)

Watch Macklemore's epic Raptors halftime moment after the jump.

The YouTube Music Awards winner memorialized his shining moment on Instagram, captioning: "Thank you to the Toronto Raptors for having us out tonight. Unbelievable. #bucketlist #courtside." But wait, there's more!

Macklemore got a little too excited during halftime at a Toronto Raptors game!

Ugh, you know so many famous people, Macklemore!!!!

Since the Raptors were playing the Miami Heat, Mack also took a moment to continue his quest to take selfies with every celebrity ever, grabbing an adorable candid pic with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Honestly, as if we didn't already have enough reasons to love Macklemore (one word: contemplative bathtub selfies), he toooootally geeks out at sporting events! TOO endearing, our hearts are melting.

+ Watch Macklemore toss some tees at a Toronto Raptors game

Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram