Watch The Wanted Perform 'We Own The Night' On 'Live From MTV' (VIDEO)

 Watch The Wanted perform "We Own The Night" on "Live From MTV."

Watch The Wanted go "Live From MTV"!

Did you guys catch The Wanted celebrate the release of their album, Word Of Mouth, on "Live From MTV" just now?? Not only did the British-Irish boy band perform their hits "Glad You Came" and "We Own The Night," but they even answered fan questions that quickly escalated from "Nathan, how's your relationship with Ariana Grande going?" and "How was your first kiss, Jay?" to "TELL US ABOUT THE FIRST TIME YOU HAD SEX."

It was hormonal! (Seriously, y'all audience members are NASTY!) It was crazy -- like a "Free To Be You And Me"-obsessed elementary school art teacher who may or may not have just sniffed all the rubber cement while your class was out at recess.

Watch The Wanted perform "We Own The Night" on "Live From MTV" after the jump.

But let's just dial back the exploding gonads for a hot sec to focus on what's really important: Siva's adorkable smile! OK, but seriously now, seeing some of our favorite across-the-ponders declare their ownership of the nocturnal hours live and acoustic was just the best. Hearing Tom ruggedly lay his raw vocals all over our ears? We die. We literally die.

(Oh, but sidebar, Max: As a native Massachusite, I've gotta insist that you take off the Yankees cap. #GoSox)

+ Watch The Wanted perform "We Own The Night" on "Live From MTV."

Photo credit: MTV

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