Watch Sleeping With Sirens' Buzzworthy Live Acoustic Performance Of 'Satellites' (VIDEO)

Watch Sleeping With Sirens perform "Satellites."

Watch Sleeping With Sirens perform "Satellites" on Buzzworthy Live.

Orlando post-hardcore outfit Sleeping With Sirens already know how to fill up a stadium with booming, echoing guitar chords and high-pitched, sing-screeching vocals. But can they take things down a notch in an acoustic-only set? Well, we're happy to report that yes, they absolutely can. (That's what you call versatility, folks!)

Watch Sleeping With Sirens perform an acoustic rendition of "Satellites" on Buzzworthy Live after the jump.

During a visit to MTV Studios on Friday, Nov. 1, lead singer Kellin Quinn and guitarist Jack Fowler performed an acoustic take on "Satellites," the closing track on their third studio album, Feel.

While some of you might be more accustomed to SWS' glass-shattering, aggressively feel-all-the-feelings vocals, the band took things down a few notches for their Buzzworthy Live performance, so much so that "Satellites" sounded like an entirely different song.

Singing in a gentle falsetto and accompanied by Jack Fowler's acoustic guitar (a brand-new vintage guitar he bought in NYC, we might add), Kellin Quinn softly but firmly cooed his way through "Satellites," singing, "So here we are/ We're waiting for a fall/ And on the radio they're calling on satellites/ Like they're going to save us all."

Hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking. Watch at your own emotional risk below.

+ Watch Sleeping With Sirens perform an acoustic rendition of "Satellites" on Buzzworthy Live.

Photo credit: MTV