Jason Derulo Hears Actual 'Trumpets,' Oddly, Feels Like Katy Perry Every Time He's About To Get Some In His New Video

Jason Derulo hears an actual symphony at the mere sight of his woman in his "Trumpets" video

Jason Derulo CANNOT escape that damn horn section!

Here's a rough thought: Imagine how annoying it would be if every time you were about to "get lucky," you heard a chorus of blaring trumpets! You know, in your head, like a crazy person.

Well, according to his new video for the aptly titled "Trumpets," this rare affliction extends to Jason Derulo every time he's about to score. (Er, at least he doesn't hear "76 Trombones," because that'd probably kill the mood entirely.)

Watch Jason Derulo's "Trumpets" video after the jump.

A track off his Tattoos album, "Trumpets" depicts Jason trying to score with a hot, lingerie-clad broad. But just as the clothes come off, a marching band horn section shows up out of nowhere to ruin the mood! No really -- the horn section literally dances and jumps around on the bed Jason was this close to throwing down on.

Has Jason totally lost his mind? Noooo. It's just that he's SO in awe of his woman, that cray-cray things happen when they're together! Jason confesses: "Is it weird that your ass/ Remind me of a Kanye West song?", followed by another admission: "Is it weird that your bra/ Remind me of a Katy Perry song?"

Honestly? Yeah, it is a little weird.

Later, Jason elaborates: "Every time that you get undressed/ I hear symphonies in my head." That's no less bizarre, but if you think about it, Jason's little "trumpets" problem is also kind of romantic! Like, mentally importing the New York Philharmonic at the mere sight of his woman!? And comparing her rack to Katy Perry's?? This girl must be pretty hot. (CoughHiJordinSparksCough)

+ Watch Jason Derulo's "Trumpets" video.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.