Happy 26th Birthday, Kevin Jonas! Here, We Made You A Proud Papa Paper Doll! (PHOTO)

Happy birthday, Kevin Jonas!

HBD, Big Papa! Stick THAT in your corn cob pipe, and smoke it.

In case you haven't heard, it's Kevin Jonas' 26th birthday today! Happy birthday, sir! Wow, it seems like just yesterday that he was running around like a crazy, devil-may-care teen, teaching us the sensual art of dirty dancing up at our family's summer resort in the Catskills.

Oh, wait, that's just the plot of the movie "Dirty Dancing" by way of our Jonas Brothers-obsessed fantasies, but the point still stands! Kevin really has matured into quite the model gentleman, and we're so proud of every step that the "First Time" singer has taken into adulthood -- like soon becoming a father to a sure-to-be beautiful baby girl! Since his wife, Danielle, isn't due for another few weeks, we figured that we'd give Kev the gift of some last-minute fatherhood cram time for his birthday via this custom-made Kevin Jonas-brand Proud Papa Paper Doll!

From lumber-gathering flannel gear and a super embarrassing fanny pack to a thermostat that needs guarding and a big book of dad jokes, this paper doll template has everything Kev will need to up his dad game to the highest of standards. (Bonus: It's also a gift to all y'all readers out there, especially those of you who've been waiting for a mini JoBro to take everywhere in your pocket. We may or may not have already assembled seven of these li'l Kevs. BAI.)

Photo credit: Gaius Benbow of MTV, Getty Images