Video Premiere: Dinner And A Suit Embrace The Elements, 'Captain Planet'-Style, In 'Heartbreak'

Watch Dinner And A Suit's "Heartbreak" video.

Dinner And A Suit summon the power of earth, wind, water, and fire in their new video.

If Dinner And A Suit wanted to channel some serious "Captain Planet" vibes in their new "Heartbreak" video, then hiring special effects guru Jeremy Hunt ("300," "The X Files") to direct it was a probably a fantastic idea.

As the Nashville band summons the power of earth, wind, water, and fire for the hallucinatory scenes, singer Jonathan Capeci triggers a downpour and walls of flame with an open hand. Meanwhile, other shots from among the video's jittery edits capture him climbing trees, sprouting plants, and just generally getting "in touch" with nature.

Watch Dinner And A Suit's "Heartbreak" video after the jump.

Heart -- the fifth element, at least in our favorite environmentalist cartoon -- is Capeci's missing power, and he sings for its loss while spread out on the ground. "Don't let me go," he wails. It's about as urgent as Looten Plunder shouting "You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!," except with electric guitars instead of toxic waste. The track's a clattering synth-rock anthem, driven by heavy percussion and light melodic touches that build into the full-blast, I-want-you-back chorus.

Dinner And A Suit are "on tour forever," according to Facebook, so there should be plenty of chances to see the band's powers combine. The group's sophomore set, "Since Our Departure," was released in 2012, which means the guys should be summoning some new songs if they ever get a break from the road.

+ Watch Dinner & A Suit's "Heartbreak" video, and grab their deluxe single, "Heartbreak," on iTunes.

Photo credit: Brad Clawson