Get Ready To #AskTheWanted ANYTHING When The Wanted Go ‘Live From MTV’ On Nov. 5 At 4 p.m. ET!

Catch these five faces in motion TOMORROW!

Hey hey, TWFanmily, here’s some delicious gossip that’s more than just Word Of Mouth. (ZING!) Tune in to Tuesday, Nov. 5 to watch The Wanted’s “Live From MTV” special! For 30 glorious minutes, the lads will be on hand to discuss their third studio album and even perform “We Own The Night” and another song live. On your mark, get set, FEELINGS!

Still breathing? Good, because we haven’t even gotten to the best part. (IT’S ALL THE BEST PART.) Siva, Tom, Jay, Max, and Nathan will be answering YOUR fan questions submitted through Twitter, Instagram video, and Vine using the hashtag #AskTheWanted. Ever wanted to ask one of the “Show Me Love” singers to marry you? NOW’S MY YOUR CHANCE.

Photo credit: Kevin McDaid, Universal Music Group / GIFs: Reaction GIFs, Mashable, Uproxx